The 6 towers

The Keep

It is the highest tower of the fortress and the last refuge of the castle in case of siege, hence the base of it was used as a warehouse that was accessed from the first floor.

Its interior is divided into three floors covered with brick vaults. Thus on the ground floor, from a central pillar start the palm-tree arches that form the four vaults of which it is composed. The first floor is covered with a brick vault and pointed stone arch. On the second floor, a beautiful polygonal vault cover this room would be for the authority of the castle.

It consists of defensive elements such as arrow slits, from where arrows were launched, and machicolations, which are small balconies from where all kind of elements were thrown to fight the enemy. It was the temporary residence of Constable Miguel Lucas de Iranzo and his wife Teresa de Torres, who ruled the city in the second half of the 15th century.

Ladies Tower

It is the gate tower of the castle, and served as dormitory for part of the garrison of soldiers. In this  room, covered by a brick vault, there is a permanent exhibition on the archaeological remains of the old Islamic palace that existed inside the castle. Do not forget to go upstairs to its terrace, from which you will contemplate incredible views of the surroundings,  of the monument and of the city.

Albarranas Towers

These two towers, which had a strongly defensive function, are separated from the main wall by an arched bridge. One of them was converted into a chapel in the 15th century, on the occasion of the wedding of Constable Iranzo  sister. Currently it is the chapel of the co-patron saint  of Jaen: Santa Catalina de Alejandria, whose pilgrimage is held every November 25th.

Wacht Tower

It is the pentagonal and main watchtower of the castle and therefore, the views from its terrace are spectacular, including the entire city, the walls, the mountains and some villages near the capital. Related to this function and to its position that highlights the role it had as a point of communication with other castles and watchtowers, especially in times of danger.

Latrines Tower

This tower houses the old latrines, which were used as a toilet and rubbish dump in medieval times, as well as a toilet and bathroom during the Napoleonic occupation. Curiously, it also has a ventilation system for bad odors.